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Polygraph Investigations

Servicing All of Texas and Latin America

Probationer Testing
Our Examiners are qualified to conduct post-conviction sex offender testing under guidelines established by the Texas Joint Polygraph Committee on Offender Testing (JPCOT) and the American Polygraph Association. Our clients include individual probationers, probation officers or departments as well as clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and the courts. 

Criminal Wrong Doing

Unforeseen personal or professional situations sometimes give rise to allegations of theft, illegal or unwanted sexual contact, assault and battery, child abuse or other accusations that are sometimes motivated by jealousy, retaliation or revenge. If the allegations are without merit, it is imperative for the accused to provide proof of their innocence to law enforcement authorities. We can assist defense attorneys with these cases by conducting a polygraph examination to isolate the pertinent issues and determine the truth about any particular matter.

Official Misconduct
Police Officers or public officials are sometimes subjected to allegations of misusing their authority, or of violating rules, regulations or standards of conduct. Internal investigations of frivolous or unsubstantiated allegations can sometimes lead to embarrassing disclosure of information that would otherwise remain confidential. Having your attorney contract with us for your polygraph examination would ensure that any personal information revealed would be legally protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Infidelity concerns are frequently the subject of polygraph testing to determine whether a spouse or loved one has been faithful to a relationship or marriage. We will work with you to ensure that all of your areas of concern are covered during the examination and that all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction. The truth that results from a polygraph will give you peace of mind and allow you restore your relationship or make alternate plans with confidence.

Employee Polygraphs
Examinations are conducted for corporate or small business pre-employment screening and internal theft, under the requirements set forth in the Employee Polygraph Protection Act. All the necessary steps are followed to comply fully with the law and to provide employers with the confidence they need to take appropriate personnel actions or loss prevention measures. For more details about EPPA, (click here).  For EPPA forms, (click here) for MS Word, (click here) for Adobe PDF.

Professional Contests

Fishing tournaments and other professional competitions frequently require contestants to submit to a polygraph examination for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the rules of the game. In the interest of timeliness, we are able to field multiple examiners so that multiple tests can be conducted and so that the winners can claim their winnings quickly. Polygraph testing also allows contestants and sponsors to rest assured that the competition was won fairly.

Biography and Additional


Gary Hale

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Voir Dire International was founded in 1998 by Gary J. Hale, owner and CEO. As a retired Intelligence Official who served 32-years with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Mr. Hale continues to hold a Top Secret-Plus security clearance with the Federal government. The business is certified as a Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and is certified by the U.S. Veteran’s Administration as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Business (SDVOSB.)

Voir Dire provides client services that include the development of intelligence requirements at the tactical, operational, strategic and policy levels; collection of information and technical data using all sources and methods, including The Cloud and Big Data; we innovate, create, develop and conduct research and analysis; perform assessments and studies; publish articles, profiles, reports, books, policy papers and other documents; provide mapping, cartography, geographic information, geo-location, tracking, monitoring and modeling services, digital forensics, including telephonic and computer data extraction and exploitation, voice comparisons and voice fingerprinting, video and imagery enhancement, as well as provide finished intelligence products and systems for private, judicial, intelligence, national security, military, law enforcement; counter-terrorism, counter-drug, counter-intelligence, anti-kidnapping, corporate, personal, personnel, force-protection, physical and information security, public safety, academic and other customers.

Voir Dire also performs international investigations, technical and physical surveillance, polygraph examinations, other credibility assessment methods, pre-employment screening, internal affairs and integrity assurance investigations, loss prevention, physical and information security services and other related activities.  Mr. Hale is certified to conduct post-conviction sex-offender examinations by the Joint Polygraph Committee on Offender Testing in Texas, and nationally by the American Polygraph Association.  Upbringing in the United States and Mexico, as well as residency in Colombia and Bolivia, enable Hale to provide exclusive Spanish-speaking polygraph services with native fluency throughout Latin America.  He is certified by the American Polygraph Association (APA) as a Primary Instructor and he is a staff professor at the Latin-American Polygraph Institute, Bogotá, Colombia. Hale has also served as an instructor at the Texas Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Polygraph School, Austin, Texas and is a staff professor at the Academia Nacional de Investigacion e Análisis Poligraficos, based in Mexico City, Mexico.

Voir Dire also develops doctrine and curriculum, as well as conduct training on all the aforementioned products and services, performs institution building activities, as well as maintains and manages domestic and foreign proposals, projects, programs, grants, budgets and other related activities.  Voir Dire will serve as a specialist, operator, examiner, general contractor, provider, re-seller, broker, agent, program manager or consultant of/for equipment, supplies, properties, assets and other services needed by its clients, including performing international advocacy, representation and liaison in furtherance of the business activity.